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Free text based online RPG game, fight monsters, explore worlds, chat or duel other online players.
More than 20 races, fast fighting, no email required to sign up, it's easy, it's fast, it's free!.

Their are 176 warriors and wizards that kept their character alive and kicking.
We welcome our newest adventurer Helper Skeleton
Top online exp players
1Premium memberHelper UnderwearUndead1,692,913,1901M547,107M40
2Premium memberHelper TrainwreckUndead1,593,158,830137,848M445,924M40
3Premium memberKing 4evrUndead1,559,479,007131,984M443,881M40
4Premium memberDemon DiamondsUndead1,492,806,187813,613M4155,800M40
5Premium memberPrincess DaenerysUndead1,418,913,728178,912M459,534M41
6Premium memberUntrust TranquilUndead1,395,129,018172,296M457,346M40
7Premium memberDemon ShadowlordUndead1,295,766,64677,545M425,173M40
8Premium memberDuke AragonUndead539,945,34531,734M4168M40
9Premium memberHelper AragoonHuman467,417,1229,886M4170M41
10Demon CrimeUndead311,955,5792,481M4827M41
11Demon FaithUndead309,372,8442,576M4859M40
12Demon PrismUndead307,776,6222,564M4855M40
13Premium memberGeneral CorboUndead263,675,7313,249M4789M40
14Premium memberHelper Frosty3Undead251,301,6282,769M494M41
15Helper FlawlessUndead248,645,5772,711M4897M40
16Premium memberMarquess FrostyUndead248,152,236426M4139M40
17Helper 43verUndead246,543,869927M4309M40
18Premium memberHelper Frosty2Undead244,375,910367M4122M41
19Premium memberCount AstoruUndead198,730,7051,332M4309M40
20Premium memberEarl PalyUndead180,508,793957M4102M41
21Premium memberHelper CharmerUndead94,068,997123M434M41
22Viscount KramutUndead66,370,04341M413M41
23Premium memberHelper Astoru2Troll45,879,37213M43M40
24Premium memberHelper Astoru3Undead12,427,124207,809M364,855M31
Their are now 24 visible players online!

Today with 1,462,403 battles!
07 24 2017 with 3,229,957 battles!
07 23 2017 with 3,257,492 battles!
07 22 2017 with 3,059,682 battles!
07 21 2017 with 2,732,949 battles!
07 20 2017 with 3,234,552 battles!
07 19 2017 with 3,023,693 battles!
With a grandtotal 20,000,728 battles in 7 days!
Most slaughtering happened on 07 23 2017 with 3,257,492 battles.
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