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The Most Victorious Guilds
NoGuild nameGuildLeaderWonLostTied
1[Sk] Shadow KnightsRune TempleKing Ragnar000
2[TAM] The Adjacent MetropolisRune TempleSupport Paly000
3[IAm] I AmRune TempleBaron Aldoran000
4[Wat] WatRune TempleCouncil Chris000
5[DTE] Detroit MuscleHonor CastleAdmin Marasilverblade000
6[ACE] Ace of DiamondsHidden DenDemon Diamonds000
7[ES] Exit StrategyHonor CastleCount Astoru000
8[TRQ] TranquilHidden DenDemon Tranquil000
9[FaB] Fire and BloodHonor CastleQueen Daenerys000
10[Yes] YsabellHonor CastleLord Ysabell000
11[Arg] ArgentHonor CastleLord Pelum000
12[LC] LoliConsHidden DenLady Loli000
13[GoH] Gates of HonorHonor CastleBaron Venezmage000
14[000] The EndRune TempleLady Ventrue000
15[Sks] ShadowKnightsRune TempleKing Bjorn000
16[wse] The WiseHonor CastleGeneral 4ever000
17[666] Forgot This NameHonor CastleLord 0mega000

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